The Yachtclub Sankt Peter-Ording (YCSPO) is proud to be the host of the world championship in landsailing in 2018. After two years of devision we will celebrate the reunion of all classes in the spirit of Fisly’s ‚landsailing family’ in Sankt Peter-Ording, the heart of landsailing in Germany. We hope you’ll enjoy the spectacular beach, the fascinating landscape, the most adventurous beach in Europe.

In the next couple of months you’ll find on this website all informations about the event: application, schedule, social events and accommodation (It’s holiday time in Germany. There will be thousands of spectators and of course it will be hard to find a place to stay. Sankt Peter-Ording is getting more and more a hotspot. Be first!).

During the event this page will be updated on a daily basis with all of the important news: briefing times, protests and results – and of course pictures and films. In addition to this site we launched the group „World Championship 2018 St. Peter-Ording“ on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/281978392297093). Feel free to join it! On this site you can communicate easily with YCSPO and all of the pilots. It will be the main communcation platform during the event. If anyone needs help, send a post! If you are looking for someone to share a flat with, send a post! If you want to hook up with someone in secret, don’t do it on facebook J

For the first time in history the YCSPO will be part of one of the biggest boat exhibitions in Germany. Far away from Sankt Peter-Ording, whereelse than in the capital of Germany – in Berlin. On the ‚Boot & Fun’ we will represent our fantastic sport and do some advertising for the world championship. Gladfully the frog-sail-bus (better known as the partybus) will join us. We will present a couple of landyachts (Mini, Class 5 and Class 3), show lots of films and – probably – will have some drinks with people who are fascinated by the fastest sport under sails.

By the way the „Boot & Fun“ is one of our sponsors of the world championship and will help us with two giant filmprojects. We are glad to announce that Stephan Boden and Jochen Luec, two well known filmmakers focussed on sailing, will be on board.

One plea: The world championship will be a big challenge. We expect between 150 and 200 pilots. We want to sail on three courses. Therefore we need a lot of help. There are already many people from Germany who are excited to help at this big event. But we also need experienced help from uproad. Whoever wants to be part of this great event, please register – for a day or even better for the week. We need help on the beach but also in the partytent. After sailing we are thirsty. The air is salty in St. Peter-Ording.

See you on the beach


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